Safeguarding of Adults & Children

Safeguarding refers to behaviour and policies to keep adults and children safe, particularly those more at risk of abuse.

People can be vulnerable or at risk for many reasons. Often it is because they are unable to look after or protect themselves or are dependent on others to meet their needs. They may not be able to get away from the situation in which they are being harmed, neglected, maltreated or abused.

Abuse of people who are vulnerable may not always be deliberate, but sometimes happens when others try to do their best but do not know the right thing to do. Whatever the reason for abuse it still causes harm to the person who has been abused and is wrong.

Sometimes people are abused by those they trust or those who are providing care for them so it can be hard to speak out. They may be worried about what will happen if they tell someone. Everyone has the right to be safe and if you tell your GP about what is happening to you or to someone you know, they will help. There are also a lot of organisations that can help and we have listed some useful contact numbers below. Remember, that if the abuse is also a crime such as assault, racial harassment, rape or theft, you should involve the police to prevent someone else from being abused.

Our safeguarding lead is Dr Nicky Sheppard

What happens when a child is not brought to an appointment?
Please read out leaflet about what happens when a child is not brought to an appointment          
*** Click here to view ***

Concerned about a Child?            
*** Click here to see the Child Abuse Leaflet for Patients ***

Hampshire Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton
Hampshire Children’s Services: 0845 6035620
Children’s First Response on 0845 6500097
Portsmouth’s Joint Action Team on: 0845 671 0271
Children’s assessment team 023 8083 3336
Out of Hours (5:00pm ­ 8:30am): 023 8023 3344

Concerned about an Adult?
*** Click here to see the Adult Abuse Leaflet for Patients ***

Hampshire Social Services
0845 603 5630
Out of hours: 0845 600 4555

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