COVID Vaccine Clinics: FAQs

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The Waterside PCN vaccination programme is now well underway. We are currently inviting patients in Groups 3 & 4, whilst mopping up remaining people in Groups 1 & 2.

In additional, the national invitation programme and vaccination centres are now up and running, and sending invites as well.

For advice on the vaccination itself please visit here.

We have produced a list of FAQs:

Q. How do the clinics work?
A. The Waterside Primary Care Network is the organisation comprising of Waterfront & Solent Surgery, Red & Green Practice and Forestside Medical Practice. We are delivering the vaccination programme in collaboration to the entire Waterside area.
Clinics are delivered at Applemore Recreation Centre and vary in numbers depend on the vaccination we receive. When we get the Pfizer vaccination (975 at a time), patients need to be monitored for 15 mins after their jab and this means clinics take more time. When we receive the Astra Zeneca vaccination we receive more (between 1000-1400) and can run larger clinics with no need for patients to wait after administration of the vaccine. It takes several clinics to complete a group, and so if you haven’t been called yet, don’t worry, you will be soon.

Q. How are invites sent?
A. Invitations are sent by group and not specifically by age. Patients in Groups 1, 2 and 4 may be of any age. We are currently inviting people by both SMS (text) or by phone. It takes significantly longer for our already busy admin teams to go through lists and phone patients individually than it does to schedule a text message, so when we have short notice clinics to fill we tend to send texts first. WE NEED TO USE EVERY VACCINE AND MUST ENSURE EVERY CLINIC IS FULLY BOOKED. To help, please make sure we have your up to date contact details and mobile phone number. If you are sent a text and don’t respond, we will follow it up with a phone call.

Q. I haven’t received my invite yet, but others younger than me have. Have I been forgotten?
A. No one will be forgotten. We keep a “live” list of patients who have been vaccinated either by us or the national vaccination centres. Everyone will be invited.

Q. What about housebound patients?
A. Patients who are housebound will be vaccinated by the community nursing team.

Q. When will I get my second vaccine?
A. In line with the current guidance, there will be a 12 week gap between vaccinations.

Q. Will I get a choice of vaccine?
A. No. Currently we have no choice of the vaccine we have delivered, and therefore we will simply administer the vaccine we have been given.

We hope this answers a few of the common questions you have. Remember for queries about the vaccines themselves look here.

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