A Major System Upgrade

Every once in a while a system needs a major upgrade, and General Practice is no different.

For a two week period at the end of October/beginning of November the surgery will be moving to a brand new clinical system, EMIS Web. This represents a major upheaval at the practice during which time all operations of the surgery will be affected.

What will change?

Our clinical records system
Our appointment management system
Our prescription management system
Our online service provider

How will it affect you?

During this time staff will be trained on the system and be adapting to new working practices.
It will take us longer to do things until we are used to the systems.

For the two week period there may be a delay in providing prescriptions and results.
We may have to offer fewer appointments as additional "live" training will be required.

ONLINE SERVICES - Vision Online Services will cease on the run up to the changeover. We will move to a new online service called Patient Access and we will notify you when you can register for this new service.

How can you help?

Please be understanding
Please order prescriptions early so as to avoid significant delays in these two weeks.