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Routine Appointments/Online booking 



Consultations are by appointment only. Please book at the reception desk or by calling the surgery on
023 80841841. For online booking click on the Patient Access logo above.

You may express a preference for a consultation with a specific doctor. If your condition is non-urgent you will be offered the next available routine appointment, although you may have to wait longer if you choose to see a particular GP. 
For antenatal, postnatal, smear tests, or any special nursing appointment, please tell the receptionist of your needs in order that an appropriate appointment can be given.

To book online - click on the logo above. For information on how to register for online services click here

Evening & Weekend Appointments: Appointments+ and Urgent Treatment Centres 

Urgent Appointments at our Surgery

When you request an urgent appointment you will be offered either:
  1. An urgent "on the day" appointment
  2. A phone call with a member of the duty doctor team
The “on the day” appointments will be booked in half hour sessions, so there may be a slight wait. You will be seen by the first available duty doctor. However if you have any concerns about your situation please discuss it with the receptionist on arrival.
On the day telephone advice is for those who feel they have a problem but don’t feel they need to be seen.

For this system to work there are two things that are essential.
The problems really do need to be something that can’t wait for a routine appointment.
Only the presenting problem can be dealt with.
Please do not ask for repeat prescriptions or advice about other conditions or family members in these consultations. They are there to make sure you are seen quickly but we will rapidly get into trouble if we can’t keep to time.

All patients requesting an urgent appointment will get to speak to a doctor on the same day - usually within an hour or so.
We operate a telephone triage system. The receptionist will take your details and the doctor or nurse will call you back and discuss your problem and help guide you to the most appropriate management. This may be an urgent appointment, help or advice over the phone, or they may arrange a routine appointment. Each day, only one doctor is on duty dealing with urgent requests for appointments, so as a result we cannot offer a choice of GP if you request an urgent appointment.

Online Consultations

To start an online consultation click the "Get Started" button above

We now offer online consultations. We will be using eConsult - a platform that will enable to self manage and consult online with their own GP.

eConsult allows patients who are currently registered at the practice to consult with a GP electronically, and offers alternatives to calling or coming into the surgery for common, more minor problems. Using this service you can also access self-help content, alternative options available to you e.g. pharmacy, symptom checkers, access to 111 clinicians and as already mentioned, the ability to consult remotely with a GP. Click on the banner above.

Telephone Advice

If you need non-urgent telephone advice please give your number to the receptionist and some indication of the problem. A doctor or nurse will ring you when he or she is free.


Please let us know in good time if you cannot keep an appointment. Non-attendance may mean somebody else missing out on an earlier appointment and can adversely affect the service we can provide.

Chaperone Policy

Patients or clinical staff can request a chaperone for a clinical examination. Patients are encouraged to ask for a chaperone ideally at the time of booking an appointment. A chaperone can be requested at the time of a consultation by either the patient or the clinician. If a chaperone is not available, on rare occasions it may be necessary to reschedule an appointment.