How do I register as a patient?

If you would like to register with our practice we can provide you with all the forms you need here on the website, or you can speak to a receptionist for a new patient pack.

What you will need to register:

   1. A completed GMS1 Form  - ensuring eligibility for NHS services
A completed Health Questionnaire which can be downloaded here:
        - Adults
        - Children (under 16)
   3. Photo ID, such as a copy of your passport or drivers license. (Or birth certificate for children).
   4. Proof of your current address such as a utility bill.

Once these forms have been completed and handed to the receptionist, you can be registered and subsequently you will be offered a new patient consultation.


Whilst the practice offers each patient the choice of all our doctors for appointments, each patient is allocated a "usual GP" who has overall responsibility for a patients care. It will be this GP who predominantly deals with the administration aspects of a patient's care.

To find out who is your usual GP you can:

    - contact the surgery and ask reception.
    - look on the top of your repeat prescription. The name at the top is your usual GP.

Are you a carer for one of our patients? Do you have a carer?

If you do then see our Carer Centre

View our online practice leaflet here

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